Fahad Hasan Kazmee

"Within the intricate layers of our memories, a captivating paradox unfolds: the things we deem important often slip into the realm of forgetfulness, while memories we hold onto may not bear the same significance. Like a series of ever-shifting layers, each new experience alters the composition of our recollections, causing some layers to fade away. Amidst this interplay, the impact of unplanned urbanization and unrelenting capitalism casts a shadow, disrupting our once-harmonious world. As concrete jungles replace familiar landscapes, the richness of our collective memory erodes. It is in these forgotten layers that we may uncover the essence of longing, passion, and aspiration. Through my art, I delve into this delicate interplay between memory and oblivion, shedding light on the profound consequences of those transformations, and the loss of our cherished layers of memory."